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Sally Trautner has been studying and working with vibrational medicine and energy healing since 1995. She holds a BS Degree in both Fine Arts and Science. Sally owned and sold a successful Chicago / Los Angeles based advertising agency. She is also nationally and internationally certified in several vibrational energy healing modalities.


After having a personal health experience, she pursued her interest in Vibrational Energy Healing. Sally brings her traditional educational background together with her Vibrational Energy Healing skills to provide a unique and compelling experience to her clients.


She is certified in several healing modalities including Universal White Time Healing—levels one through four. She not only uses it in her private practice, she also travels and teaches this beautiful vibrational healing modality (levels one through three) around the United States. Her students include the average person who is interested in self care, as well as trained and licensed professionals in other healthcare related practices.


Sally was initiated and taught by Channie Centara to become a Giver of the Board of Knowledge in 2010 and can Give Signs in person, by distance, teleconference or Skype.


Recently, using both her background in Art, Science and Vibrational healing, Sally developed a vibrational energy pendant that balances chakras, assists the wearer in releasing negative emotions, protects the biofield and gently heals.


Formerly the Director of Egyptian Healing Rods Ltd, she also teaches an 8 hour  Egyptian  Healing Rods course for not only licensed professionals, but also anyone interested in self-healing. This course includes the scientific research that has shown proven and positive results when using these powerful tools.







“I have had a lot of energy work done over the years and several times I have felt the effects of the session a day or so later.  Sally intuitively picked up on some stress I was experiencing, rolled up some sort of ‘energy ball’ and placed it in my abdominal area.  Within seconds I felt my limbs begin to tingle, I felt a few other physiological effects that were typical for the healing she was doing which I won’t mention here as they were symptomatic in nature.  Within a few minutes of her work she just politely suggested I sit down and drink lots of water for the rest of the day.  My stress was markedly diminished and I knew something happened that I was unable to explain. Ya know that feeling you get when you eat Chocolate?  It was that instantaneous and more gratifying.  Thank you Sally, I don’t understand what you do but I can’t explain the workings of the Internal Combustion engine either.  I’m still driving and now, healing.  You are a true healer, Namaste.”   Kenneth von Hopf, IT Professional, AZ



“I never considered myself a depressed person, in fact I've always prided myself on my consistently positive mood and approach toward life (this was before your pendant found me).  Since then, each and every day I amaze myself at the way I handle stressful situations that enter my life.  The pendant has grounded me, shining a light on my potential and how much more growing I really have to do.  Wherever I go, beautiful people enter my life like never before, excited to share conversation and a moment like they've known me forever; and I feel like I'VE known them forever!  The pendant often becomes a focal point of conversation and every person I have ever let wear it has undoubtedly experienced the powerful energy it exudes.  I can't thank you enough for taking the time to introduce me to the power of your magnificent objects. I have honestly been meaning to write you this email for quite sometime yet I am continually amazed by the pendant every new day and haven't really found a language to express it's impact and importance to me (I'm trying my best in this email!!).  It is absolutely situated among my most prized possessions: My guitar, drums, music I listen to, and my pendant; the grout that coheres it all together.  Really though, it has illuminated all of my artistic endeavors with a newfound light of creativity, Love, and motivation.  Incredible.” Andrew Clinco, Artist, Los Angeles, CA


"I recently took the Level 1 workshop and can tell you that the experience and the result have been nothing short of amazing! As a retired bodyworker and Reiki Master Teacher, I can tell you the energy of White Time Healing is beautiful, gentle and amazingly powerful. I would highly recommend this teaching to anyone - even if you are not a practitioner in the healing arts. Even if you are already using other types of energy work in your practice, I would encourage you to add this modality to your credentials. Sally, thank you again for bringing White Time Healing into my life!" Sandy Rogers, Former Reiki Master Teacher

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