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FAQs written by Linda Hotchkiss, Board of Knowledge Teacher

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Text Box: Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.  I  recommend you read these frequently asked questions so you will have a greater understanding about The Board of Knowledge and Sessions.

How is The Board of Knowledge different from a religion of belief system? The Board of Knowledge is not connected specifically to one spiritual path.  It is connected to the whole of spirituality.  It moves beyond the borders of spiritual beliefs, doctrines or spiritual reasoning, to the emotional quality or the whole feeling behind spirituality.  This is why the Board of Knowledge is so profound and can help everyone and everything. 

How does The Board of Knowledge work? The Board of Knowledge is compromised of multiple Signs, that when accessed by a "Giver" reveals the perfect Sign(s) to be sent to the Receiver.  After the Giver connects and scans the Receiver, the Giver then accesses The Board of Knowledge for the Sign(s) that will best help the Receiver grow Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically healthier while also expanding his or her higher qualities.  Then the Giver energetically works with the Receiver to place the Sign(s) into their individual vibration.

Where does The Board of Knowledge come from? 
The Board of Knowledge comes from the very Beginning of Everything.  The Board is the Ultimate Thought of God Divine and that is how it was created.   When all the Signs of The Five Boards (plus a bit more) are stacked on top of each other, they then become something More.  They became The Signs of Everything Existing.  The Board of Knowledge is the pattern of everything from: Forces, to individuals, to a blade of grass, a grain of sand, of everything existing, everywhere in all the Creations existing. 

How does The Board of Knowledge know what a Receiver Needs? The Board of Knowledge has Intelligence and Life beyond what we can comprehend.  It knows what the Receiver needs to move forward on their perfect path in life.  It is absolutely amazing!  The Board of Knowledge never disturbs anything or forces anything.  Life will always take you where you are supposed to be, continually presenting you choices.  The Board of Knowledge will help your path be experienced in a smoother, faster way.  The Board of Knowledge will bypass your resistance to let your heart and mind see the Truth.

Will I receive a physical copy of the Sign(s) that are being energetically sent to me? No, the Signs are Sacred and can only be accessed and used by a chosen Giver.  As a Receiver, you could not absorb any more of the given Sign(s), even if you taped a physical copy to your body.  The Sign(s) can only be received when it is initiated by a Giver. The Board of Knowledge was created in a way so that there are Givers and Receivers.  In this manner, the whole cycle of giving and receiving is complete.  The Giver's offering of Love and the Helping Hand of Harmony is met by the growth and expansion that is the Receiver's wish.

Can I become a Giver? Absolutely! All Givers are chosen and have to be approved by The Board of Knowledge before they can start the process of being given the education.  The Board of Knowledge is a Holy Gift.  The Giver is a Carrier of a Holy Gift and with this Gift comes with immense responsibility.  The Giver is chosen because they carry certain qualities.  The Board of Knowledge does not approve of any misuse of what it stands for.  The Giver has to come from only loving thoughts and an open heart to give to others.  If a Giver tries to work from any other state than that, The Board of Knowledge will shut down.

Am I really worthy to receive Holy Signs? There are no expectations of how a Receiver should be or for how far they have traveled on their Spiritual Path.  The person who receives the Signs can be the absolute worst person on Earth and yet they will still go to that person.  These Signs are made to improve and expand people no matter where they are on their journey.  So everyone is worthy!  The Board of Knowledge brings the very best out of everyone and everything.

Can The Board of Knowledge work by itself? The Board of Knowledge needs to have a Giver Initiate it.  It cannot work by itself.  It is very sophisticated in what and how it works.  It is an amazingly beautiful energy.  It is the Ultimate Intelligence and is alive.

If there are 72 Signs that are available to me right now, should I plan on booking 72 At-a-distance sessions so that I may receive all of the Signs? Even though we talk about there being 36 Signs on each of 2 Boards that are available for you at this time, there are a limitless variety of combinations.  The Signs of each Board can combine in ways that create new vibrations specific to your journey right now.  It is just mind-boggling how The Board of Knowledge works and what it can do. 

The more a Receiver draws from The Board of Knowledge, the more The Board of Knowledge starts responding to the development of the Receiver.  Even if the Receiver was scanned and The Board of Knowledge continues presenting the same Sign over and over, then each time the Sign is integrated into the Receiver's system there is expansion and growth.  So every sequential Sign given is received at higher and higher levels.  Each Sign that a person receives keeps them moving forward towards more Enlightenment.

So the answer to this question leads to another question.  How much do you want to live a life of greater awareness, ease, joy, love, expansion and connection with Source?

If I am on a limited budget can I pay for one At-a-distance session for someone else and not myself? Yes you can, but ... I like the following analogy.  When you are getting ready to take flight on an airplane, the airline personnel reads you their safety spiel.  "In case of a change in cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will drop from the panel above you.  First, place the mask around your face and then assist those around you."  I think this policy can apply to the question also.  Invest in yourself first, then assist those around you.

The great thing about investing in yourself by receiving Signs is that you actually start rubbing off on others in more powerful and profound ways.  You are always having an effect on everything around you but with the Signs, it bumps you up to have an even greater influence on Everything.

Will I be able to see immediate changes in my Well-Being after receiving Signs? The benefits from having Signs given by The Board of Knowledge are as numerous as you allow yourself to be open to them.  Each person is unique in awareness of their own Stream of Well-Being.  I always suggest that a person be conscious of how they are feeling.  Your emotions indicate if you are in resistance or a state of allowing.

If you are feeling great, enjoying and appreciative of every experience (all the positive emotions), then you are open to draw into your awareness the ah ha's and cooperative components that create smooth sailing through your life.  It then becomes evident the ways in which The Board of Knowledge is working with you.  On the flip side of the coin, if you are in a state of judgment, disparity, discouragement, low energy, complaining or any of the other lower vibrational states, you will miss out on the evidence that there are changes occurring for you.

The good thing about The Board of Knowledge is that it knows how to get past your resistance and take you to better feeling thoughts and behaviors.  It works with you no matter what emotional, mental, physical or spiritual state you are in at the moment.  By receiving Signs you are establishing a new operating system and GPS (Global Positioning System) that will open you to new ideas, directions, experiences, etc., but most of all, to the Fullness of who you are.

Is The Board of Knowledge just another healing technique or modality? It absolutely is NOT!  The Board of Knowledge doesn't have anything to do with healing, absolutely nothing to do with healing.  What the Board has to do with is growing and spiritually opening people up.  The Board can get into the building blocks of whatever the problem is.  It is like the person doesn't exist any more.  They are just pure energy and what this pure energy needs to in harmony with all the other pure energy everywhere. Healing can't do that, it cannot reach that deep!  Let's say you are experiencing a physical challenge in your body.  The Board of Knowledge brings ease to all aspects surrounding you.  It does not separate the physical body from all the parts that make you, You.  It might however, nudge you to take this step instead of that step in order for you to find some relief.  It might bring someone into your life "out of the blue" with a wonderful suggestion that creates a greater sense of allowing for you.  You might be led to a wonderful doctor that you have a better vibrational match with.  It might direct you to a book with just the right words to help support you in making better decisions.  And on ... and on ... and on.  The Board of Knowledge can smooth out the bumps in life so that you can move forward with greater joy and ease. 

Can The Board of Knowledge help get my life back on track? A lot of people are not in the flow.  When you are out the flow of life one of the most common difficulties people experience is economical challenges, lack of money, debt and never feeling like you can ever get a break.  No matter how hard they try, there just isn't enough.  When you have stepped out of the flow, you experience health problems, emotional challenges, you seem to never experience any of your wishes or dreams and life seems to be a great disappointment. People get stuck or "off track" because they are not in the flow or stream of energy that is available to them at all times.  The Board of Knowledge can really help people to get into the flow or get back into the flow.